Drivers Sue to Block Uber, Lyft’s Illegal Price Fixing!

June 21, 2022

Today, three drivers filed a lawsuit in California to stop illegal price fixing by Uber and Lyft. 

Rideshare Drivers United worked with the non-profit worker rights law firm, Towards Justice, to bring the lawsuit to light. RDU is not a plaintiff in the case and we stand strongly behind these drivers. The drivers who have brought the lawsuit are seeking to represent a class of all of us drivers who have opted out of the companies’ arbitration clauses.

As drivers we have known for a long time that Uber and Lyft maintain all the power in our business relationship. The lawyers helped drivers identify that Uber and Lyft are violating antitrust laws, meaning they are creating unfair competition by controlling drivers, where we go, and what we earn, and they do this every day. Uber and Lyft are price-fixing.

We see it in our day to day work. Uber and Lyft fix driver pay and customer prices, withhold key fare and destination data from drivers a majority of the time, and maintain payment schemes that effectively require drivers to work when and where Uber and Lyft want.

Uber and Lyft are taking more per ride than ever before, while gas prices skyrocket. We are seeing them take up to 80% when it used to be 25%. And customers are paying more, but we are making less. 

As we know, Prop 22 legalized misclassification. So at a time when our pay is at its lowest and gas prices are at their highest, drivers need immediate relief.

We stand strongly behind the courageous drivers who are the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit and are taking action NOW. Help us push out support for drivers Esterphanie St. Juste, Taje Gill and Ben Valdez on social media. Here are some links to read and share. 

We are thankful for the huge community of driver members and allies staying focused through this hard fight, never doubting that together we can win fair pay and a real voice for drivers in our industry.

Forever Forward - Fight Together Till We Win!

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