Rideshare Drivers United needs your support.

We organized strikes and protests that helped ensure the passage of California’s historic AB5, a statute that offered app-based workers like us basic labor protections.

We were on the precipice of success – with Attorney General Xavier Becerra about to enforce an injunction to get Uber and Lyft to follow the law –  when Uber and Lyft succeeded in overturning it all, spending more than $200 million to deceive California voters with Proposition 22. Its passage in November 2020 deprives app-based workers of fundamental labor protections and crushes – for the moment – our ability to unionize.

While we continue our fight against this dangerous law and ongoing efforts to replicate it across the country, we ask for your support. As a worker-led organization of app-based drivers, groups like ours depend on independent and grassroots donations to fund our fight for justice.

Operating on a shoestring budget, our 19,000 driver-members in California have coordinated statewide and international driver strikes, lobbied lawmakers, and called and texted over a million California voters.

RDU needs help to get through this difficult time and continue the fight.

It is our plan to develop strong worker-based funding for our organization.  But in this time of pandemic, with most of us unemployed or severely under-employed, your support is critical.  

We must raise $10,000/month budget to keep our communications, servers, and team running while we continue to build a campaign and movement to win for app-based workers.

Recurring support is vital, as RDU is volunteer-run with no full-time staff. 

  • $50 allows us to make 500 calls to drivers or send 2,500 texts.
  • $175 allows one of us take a day away from driving to focus full-time on organizing.
  • $1000 allows us to pay all our communication and server costs to support our 19,000 driver-members for a week.

We hope those who are able will consider making a recurring donation today. Solidarity that transcends job titles and status is the best way to build the power to hold gig companies and the state accountable.