Fired By App - The Toll of Secret Algorithms and Unchecked Discrimination on California Rideshare Drivers

Fighting Unfair Deactivation!

In 2022, Rideshare Drivers United, working in partnership with Asian Law Caucus, surveyed over 800 drivers in California on issues related to job security and experiences with being deactivated. The first survey of its kind, the results show clearly that deactivation from an app is all too common, often based on false complaints, and the impact on drivers and our lives is devastating.


Drivers described a system where customer bias and abuse leads to deactivation by algorithm, and a system where drivers of color and immigrant drivers are more likely to experience deactivation, showing systemic discrimination by the apps. In addition, most drivers are denied the opportunity to present evidence to defend our jobs and our professions.

Key Findings of the Report

Forty percent of all surveyed drivers have experienced deactivation. Drivers of color and immigrant drivers were disproportionately impacted.

On-the-job discrimination and harassment by customers were frequent, yet drivers' complaints to Uber and Lyft were largely unheeded.

Drivers face alarming rates of abuse, sexual harassment, and assault while driving, across all genders. 

Customer bias, discrimination, and harassment puts driver's jobs at risk for deactivation. 

Drivers who experienced deactivation have had severe negative impacts on their lives - including food & housing insecurity.

Policy Demands 

Provide just cause and due process for deactivated drivers by establishing a clear, transparent policy and fair and timely hearings that are easily accessible to drivers. An appeals process not controlled by companies or by agencies funded by the companies must also be put in place.


Address customer bias and discrimination against drivers by conducting transparent investigations and removing economic incentives for customers to file complaints without merit


Drivers must be covered by the basic labor protections afforded to all workers and stop our misclassification as independent contactors.  Our best protection is a legally enforceable contract that we negotiate with the companies. Misclassification is a barrier to union protection. 


Protect drivers from workplace violence and sexual harassment by instituting safety measures in consultation with drivers and consistent with state and federal health and safety standards

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Unfair deactivations are not just a Californian or American problem, but a global one. Drivers from across the world are joining together to fight for a better future in rideshare.


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