Help build Rideshare Drivers United! Become a dues-paying member and build driver power!

For the price of a movie ticket, $15.00 per month, we can own our voice and build real power for drivers. Our commitment is to be a self-sustaining, powerful union directed by our driver members – RDU is for drivers, run by drivers. We are tired of Lyft, Uber, and other organizations directing our fate. To have real power to fight for what we drivers know we need, we must build it ourselves. Basic labor rights such as health insurance, sick pay, fair compensation, and the right to a contract we negotiate are not things we can win on our own. Together we have the power to take on Lyft, Uber, and other platform gig companies, to fight for our rights, take on state and national policies, to win for drivers.

Paid members have 

- Voting rights for Rideshare Drivers United leadership, 

- Access to a private RDU forum we are building that will be moderated by an RDU board member, 

- A monthly newsletter to keep you updated on all things RDU. 

Join us now as a contributing member of RDU and help build the independent voice of drivers!

Only California drivers are eligible to be RDU-CA dues-paying members. Signups from outside of CA will be considered simple donations.