Dear Uber and Lyft, 

You told Californians to vote for Prop 22 to keep prices of rides low and raise pay for drivers, but you have done the complete opposite. A month after Prop 22 went into effect, you raised prices for passengers and broke your promises to drivers. Now you are jeopardizing our primary way of earning a living, by taking away the multiplier and access to seeing the trip destination. Last week you lowered the mileage rates at the airports to 32 cents a mile! We, your current and long standing drivers, are totally disgusted and outraged by these decisions. It is clear you do not respect us and you think we are disposable. 

We make your business successful, we risked our lives during this pandemic, and now you do this to us. How are we supposed to serve our passengers when you are telling us our dignity is worth less than $.32 a mile?

We demand the following:

  • Restore the mileage rate to a minimum of $1.50 per mile.

  • Uber: Use your “stimulus” funds for taking care of your current drivers rather than replacing us with first time drivers. 

  • Honor our Drivers' Bill of Rights, and meet our demands for fair wages, transparency in rules, and respect for the 19,000 California drivers who voted on it.

  • Stop misleading drivers and the public about the PRO Act, and stop moving Prop 22 type legislation around the country.