Feel cheated by Lyft and Uber? Let's expose the truth! Join the RDU Accoutability Campaign

Do you feel like Lyft and Uber are not paying you what you're worth?

Are you driving more hours to make the same amount of money you did 2 years ago?

Do you feel betrayed by Uber  & Lyft and the promises they made with Prop 22?

Then let's expose it together! Rideshare Drivers United is launching a campaign to give drivers control of their data for the first time! By pooling our data together, we can prove what is really happening to drivers and help fight the companies in California and Beyond!

All participants will receive $150 for 4 weeks of data collected. Earn some extra money while helping to fight for drivers rights!! Campaign Starts November 1st.

We are recruting active Lyft and/or Uber drivers, so please fill out this short survey before signing up: