We Support the Rideshare Driver Bill of Rights!

  • Guaranteed Flexibility
  • Raise Rates to $0.69/min + $1.33/mile
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • No Unfair Deactivations
  • Creates Driver Deactivation Center
  • Path to Driver Unionization
We, the undersigned, hereby call on the Massachusetts State Legislature (192nd General Court) to pass House Bill 1094, An Act Establishing A Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights (HB1094). Click here to view text.

The BIG GIG companies - Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Grub Hub, and Instacart - have mistreated the app drivers for too long. These companies have used an algorithm to rule over our lives. Now we are fighting back and demanding respect!

They continually cut our pay, even as the cost of living in Massachusetts continues to increase. They manipulate their bonus system to trick drivers into working for less. They fail to compensate us fairly for the depreciation and maintenance of our vehicles.  They deny us basic worker rights, including paid sick leave and overtime pay. They deny us a path to unionization. They steal from the taxpayer by skipping on unemployment insurance payments. And they spend millions to change the laws and to avoid being held responsible by courts of law. 

Furthermore, many drivers are subject to unfair deactivations with no proper recourse to appeal. Drivers are left without an advocate, and are forced into binding artibtration.

House Bill 1094 - the Driver Bill of Rights - writes into Massachusetts law certain legal guarantees and rights for both rideshare and food/grocery delivery workers. 

  1. HB1094 applies to drivers regardless of whether they are determined to be employees or independent contractors. 
  2. HB1094 guarantees flexibilty for all app drivers by banning any changes to our flexibility.
  3. HB1094 raises driver pay to $0.69/min + $1.33/mile for standard rideshare and food delivery trips. It raises driver pay even higher for luxury, XL, and BlackSUV trips.
  4. HB1094 ensures a more fair bonus system.
  5. HB1094 bans unfair deactivations, and creates a driver deactivation center to help drivers dispute deactivations.
  6. HB1094 creates a path to a driver union.
  7. HB1094 ensures drivers receive paid sick leave, overtime pay, and other basic worker rights.