Lyft Shared Rides Flash Action Results

Yesterday, the RDU Safety Committee issued our demands to Lyft that they cancel the shared rides program, with 2,100 Southern California drivers signed onto the RDU petition. When we delivered it to the Monrovia Hub employees, they refused to accept the petition! But we learned on the news that Lyft is suspending shared rides due to Omicron for the foreseeable future! This is a powerful victory for drivers, and further proof that the way that we can change this industry for the better is by thousands of us demanding change.


We still have a live complaint with Cal/OSHA and have asked them to investigate Lyft’s Covid safety protocols. There is still much more to fight for: Drivers need PPE at the company's expense, and need to be paid for the time we spend to sanitize our vehicles after every ride to keep both ourselves and our customers safe. 


This petition came from concerns of driver members like you who got the email from Lyft announcing shared rides and shared it with RDU. It’s powerful that drivers made this happen. As Rideshare Drivers United, together we will continue to fight for health and safety for every driver, as well as fair pay and the respect that every driver deserves.



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