Dear John Zimmer, President of Lyft, 

We, the Lyft drivers of California, call for the immediate halt of Lyft’s shared rides. You have reintroduced shared rides that put more than one party in our cars at a time when Covid is surging. This directly conflicts with the Center for Disease Control and CAL-OSHA guidelines for Rideshare Drivers, which call for limited contact with passengers from multiple parties.

As transportation workers, we are among the highest at risk for catching and spreading this disease. We have already seen too many of our brothers and sisters lose their lives to COVID-19.

We, the undersigned, demand:

  • The immediate halt of all shared rides until such a time as our safety can be ensured. 

  • That Lyft compensates us for time and materials to safely sanitize our vehicles between passengers. Currently this is unpaid time. 

  • That Lyft immediately prioritize driver and passenger safety and adhere to the CDC and CAL-OSHA guidelines for Rideshare Transportation Workers. 

Lyft must recognize the suffering and sacrifice that we as drivers have endured through this pandemic. In continued service to the safety of drivers and our passengers we demand you cease and desist this program.