Drivers of Massachusetts shared their hopes for state laws to improve their conditions, and then democratically turned them into a platform: the Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights. Now it is up to all of us to make this vision a reality.

We need you to take action. You can start by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends, whether they are drivers or not. You can also sign up here to be a MDU ambassador, and we will mail you a kit to help get other drivers involved.

Tell your legislators: Support the Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights!

To: Massachusetts State Legislature

From: [Your Name]

From unfair de-activations and cuts in pay to abuse from passengers and poor driver support, rideshare drivers face serious issues on the job. A growing movement of rideshare drivers is uniting to push Uber and Lyft to address the numerous issues facing drivers in Massachusetts and across this country.

Together, drivers in Massachusetts, organized as the Massachusetts Drivers United, have adopted the Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights — please view the Bill of Rights below.

As our elected representatives, we need your support to win these well-deserved rights. Please support the Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights in Massachusetts to make ridesharing safer, more just, and more sustainable for the thousands of workers driving for Uber and Lyft in this state.

Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights:

1. Minimum wage of $20/hr+ expenses

2. Fair share of TNC taxes

3. Right to a union

4. Right to MA employee benefits

5. Right to dispute deactivations

6. Right to a flexible schedule

7. Freedom from passenger harassment

8. Guaranteed minimum hours

9. Right to job security

10. Right to surge pricing