CA Drivers Crisis Resources Page


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing drivers all over California to lose huge portions of their income. During such a crisis, many drivers are rightly concerned about how they’ll pay their bills and make ends meet. Rideshare Drivers United has put together a resource guide for drivers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. (This guide will be updated as we find additional resources to add) 

We encourage you to seek out the following resources if you need to: 

1. File for Unemployment (UI)

File a partial or full unemployment claim with EDD. Because in California we are employees under AB5, drivers can receive benefits that range from $40-$450 per week. Because Lyft & Uber have misclassified us, there are some guidelines that can help you apply, and then prove your income once you apply. 

Visit Our Guide for How Drivers Can Apply for Unemployment in California

2. File a Wage Claim to Try and Get Backpay 

If you have not already filed a wage claim for money owed you based on AB5, consider doing so. Drivers in California can file to get back lost wages, unpaid expenses, and damages. You will not get any money immediately, but it is worth starting the process now, plus it helps put pressure on the state to enforce AB5. RDU has put together information on how to file a wage claim here: 

How to File a CA Wage Claim

3. If You Don't Qualify for State or Federal Benefits but Livein Los Angeles and Need Help

COVID-19 MUTUAL AID NETWORK - LOS ANGELES can provide information, transportation, food, financial assistance, or other help.  They are a non-government coalition of community-based activists in Los Angeles. They are reaching out to the neediest and most vulnerable people in L.A. because some people are unable to help themselves or can’t get help from the government. Immigration status is not an issue for this aid.

For help, go to and click “I Need Help” to fill out an intake form (in English and Español).  Please also consider donating cash or goods, and volunteering (they need drivers)!

Here’s a brief report by KCRW that explains who they are and what they doing:

COVID19 MUTUAL AID NETWORK - LOS ANGELES is a project of Ground Game LA and POWER (People Organized for Westside Renewal). "In times of crisis, we have each other....the survival of many will depend on community organizing and mutual aid."

4. Get Food Assistance 

Apply for Cal Fresh benefits to access food through state welfare programs. 

Food Pantries pantries are available throughout cities, contact them and ask if they are still operating and how you can receive access to them. 

5. Get Credit Help and Call Creditors to Get Extensions on Payments 

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling, founded in 1951, is the largest and longest-serving nonprofit financial counseling organization with members throughout the United States. If you're struggling with making your credit card payments on time, many Credit Cards and Lenders are offering assistance to those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Contact credit card companies, auto loan finance companies, any company you carry a balance on and ask for a deferral on payments. Many creditors, such as Discover, have already offered to defer payments for customers. 

6. Call Water/Electric/Gas Companies for Extensions on Payments 

Contact Utility companies to find out what kind of payment plans or deferrals are available to you. Payment Assistance may be available through the California Department of Community Services and Development’s LIHEAP program. 

7. Ask Landlords for Extensions of Time on Rent 

Speak with your landlords or property managers to see what kind of arrangements can be made. Governor Newsom has issued an executive order freezing evictions for renters and home owners.

8. Get Health Insurance 

COVID-19 tests can cost up to $3,200.00 out of pocket in some cities. Covered California offers healthcare plans for drivers at a low cost that would cover you if need a test. In addition, some drivers may qualify for Medi-Cal, which in many cases offers health insurance with no premiums and no co-pays. benefits/ 

9. Jobs are Available at Places like Amazon and Grocery Stores 

If you are looking for additional income during this time there are still jobs available at businesses experiencing high demand. 

Jobs at Grocery Stores and Retailers 

Many grocery stores are hiring more employees as they are struggling to keep up with demand. Call your local grocery stores and retailers such as Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, Walmart, Target, etc. Minimum wage is $13 an hour in California and many of these jobs pay above minimum wage. 

Jobs at Amazon Warehouse 

Amazon just announced there looking to hire 100,000 factory workers across the U.S. to help keep up with increased online shopping demand. Amazon operates big warehouses in several parts of California including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco as well as other big cities in the state. Starting pay for all of Amazon’s warehouse jobs is $17 per hour. 

Make Money Delivering Packages by Signing Up for Amazon Flex 

Those interested in a more flexible schedule should also consider signing up for Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is a gig job where you deliver Amazon packages to different recipients in your local area. Amazon Flex uses a system where you download an app and sign up for 2 to 4 hour mini shifts called “blocks”. Amazon Flex blocks can pay anywhere from $35-$85 for each block and because you get to select which blocks you want, you can choose the blocks that fit into your schedule.